Order of the Amethyst

The Story So Far...
A brief summary of the campaign

One year on from the day it all began, we reflect on the journey the adventurers have taken so far…

The first story arc saw the adventurers in the human kingdom of Bardac’s Holdfast, trying to save a princess from being assassinated following an attack that nearly claimed all her family.

They fought dragons, prejudice and false accusation to finally help her take the Throne, but in a kingdom rife with disorder, riots and unrest. In an attempt to avoid a deadly prejudice against dragon born that threatened a member of their party with lynching they set off towards the coast. But the young Queen’s own Lords, along with her brother, continued to undermine her commands at every turn and the kingdom looked set to fall into ruin. Dragon-kin were being slaughtered en masse, the Royal coffers lay bare, and neighbouring kingdoms threatened to take military action in response to the mass bloodshed.

After foiling an attempt to usurp the Queen from the Throne and discovering the betrayal festering in her court, the company learned that the organisation responsible for the attacks on the kingdom and attempts to plunge the continent into war were strategised by a secretive network called ‘The Order of the Amethyst’.

Her seat now finally secure and the lands moving into a newly negotiated time of peace, the young Queen granted the party the freedom to pursue their own causes. As a reward for their help in keeping her bloodline on the throne and her Kingdom from war, she prohibited any further prejudice against dragonkin and placed all such people under the protection of the crown, awarded the party formal but lesser titles in her elite ‘Dragon Guard’, and granted them her fleet’s best ship and crew to aid in their own quests; The Raven’s Wing.

Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention that somewhere along the way they managed to hatch themselves a real life dragon?!

The party should have been sailing off into a golden horizon to pursue their next grand adventure, but instead they were caught in a tidal wave of epic proportions, blown massively off course and lost many crew overboard as the ship capsized.

Stranded on the ocean among the wreckage of The Raven’s Wing, the story continues… shortly…


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