An elven woman who holds a surprising resemblance to Farryn.

Originally discovered stowed away in the bilges of The Raven’s Wing during the tidal wave, she was rescued by Ghanda and similarly rescued him in return when he fell unconscious in the storm.

She seems to hold magical healing powers similar to a cleric, has boasted of immunities, and is quite rude and extremely stand-offish in demeanour and when it comes to combat.

She travelled with the adventurers to Arduril’s Isle then on to The Pirate Isles and was one of the few people teleported with them to the enemy stronghold, successfully escaping with them to the sea north of Three Cities. She was last seen in Castellia, where she separated from the group before they were captured by High Master Amberon Laegon, stating she had no desire to see such a man or visit the Academy until she had at least had a chance to relax first. She was last seen entering a cafe in the city alone.



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