Governor Kavdek Mittark


The Mittark House’s member representative for the High Council of Bardac’s Holdfast.

Governor Mittark came to lead the house in strange circumstances; the whole upper tier of the family took a sudden and unexpected trip by ship to visit relatives in Southcliffe, but never completed their course and the ship’s wreckage was found washed up near Shore’s Tooth and all the family declared lost at sea. Mittark, although having himself been missing for a number of years immediately prior to the accident, was at that time a distant cousin but the closest remaining relative and he therefore inherited the House and holdings without contest.

He is in possession of a Portal Mirror which links between his chambers in Mallowmarsh and the High Council Chambers in Goldshire. It was he that invited the adventurers to join him in travelling to Goldshire to take part in the High Council Vote, and seemed to show both an awareness as to who they were and an interest in their voting method.

Slade stole a few maps from his desk that were later identified by Navigator Grimm of The Raven’s Wing as exceedingly rare and precious maps of the Pirate Isles estimated as beyond monetary value. Both the Navigator and Captain Dylan showed a high level of interest in the maps and a wish to explore the Pirate Isles to test their accuracy.


Governor Kavdek Mittark

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