A Shield Guardian who has served in the Bardac family for many generations, Grog is controlled through an amulet often worn by a member of the family and is most often utilised as a personal body guard or manual servant.


Although Shield Guardian’s are ordinarily characterless constructs, Grog’s long history with the Bardac family has exposed him to a number of secrets and experiences that have instilled a stronger understanding of the family he serves, their responsibilities and the world they inhabit, granting him a higher than average intelligence and certain level of independence.

As a tool at the Royal Family’s disposal Grog has been used for many purposes, but the most common of these is guarding the family’s youngsters and heirs, protecting the whole family when they travel, or defending one of the many vaults or treasuries held in the kingdom.

On very rare occasions he has also been utilised to protect the family members in battle, however his binding to protect the family at all cost means he has often caused problems and complications in battle when he acts in contrast to the tactics employed by military commanders, and as such the family rarely risk using him in such a way.


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