High Master Amberon Laegon


The High Master of the Shimmering Cloud Academy.

He seems to hold some grudge against Eldelimar, and previously put a high price on his head for stealing an item of great worth from the Grand Central Library. Eldelimar claimed the man had previously threatened to kill him, and he certainly seemed to hold a high level of dislike of Eldelimar. After taking him prisoner he had Eldelimar chained in a magical prison-cell which ultimately killed the half-elf (though he was shortly after revivified) and when fighting the adventurers, directed many of his attacks against the half-elf rather than anyone else in the party.

The High Master, after attempting to hold off the arrival of Eldelimar’s cousin Rauneril then attacked the party members, attempted to kill Eldelimar again before fleeing with the use of teleportation glyphs to the Isle of Halherig, with the adventurers in hot pursuit.


High Master Amberon Laegon

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