Richard Bardac


The uncle to Queen Zinnanda, who had a reputation for being a curious and eccentric sort, handsome and confident but also brash and very much a risk-taker.

A collector of magical items and artifacts, he was known for often using such objects without a full understanding of their attributes, often leading to accidents and problematic results. He was however a loving and gentle man, encouraging mischievous and adventurous behaviour in everyone but generous and charitable when others were in need.

Richard Bardac was always prone to travelling for lengthy periods at a time with little or no warning as to when he would leave, or when he was returning. However he went missing for a substantial period many years prior to Zinna’s parent’s death and ascendancy to the Throne and has not been seen since. Although his fate is unknown, many believe that he fell foul of his experimentations with the arcane arts and exploration of fey creatures and is dead, including the Prince Fearghas himself.

Zinnanda however, who was very close to him as a child, believes he may still be alive somewhere and has sent the Shield Guardian Grog in search of him.

The adventurers recently re-discovered him in the lair of the Order of the Amethyst, where he has apparently been deep undercover working for the Guild of Shadows as a spy. He demonstrated the abilities of a powerful arcane magician and aided the adventurers’ escape by creating a cover story and then removing all memory of them from first the giant guards and then himself.

They also discovered at that time that he had apparently previously removed all knowledge of Zinna, his niece, from his memory,

“Go to Mythaes Caelora and tell his [Eldelimar’s] mother that we are running out of time; they are moving too fast and we have to act now!”

When they queried how she would know the message had come from him/how she will trust their message, he told them to say the message came from “The Black Dragon’s Lover”


Richard Bardac

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