The young black dragon sent by The Order of the Amethyst to lead the attack on the Bardac Country Estate. The attack was only partially successful, and she was slain by a the adventurers, who cut the dragon egg she bore from her body and took it with them.

Cursed by one of the Order of the Amethyst’s ancient dragons for losing his egg, as the building was burnt down around her she rose from the flames into the sky as a lich dragon. She swore vengeance on those who had killed her before flying away to the East.

She is the dam of Sah’mi’nah, the adventurers’ young dragon friend.

The adventurers recently re-discovered her on Halherig Isle, guarding the castle. She ambushed Sah’mi’nah mid-flight and in the battle that ensued, killed the young dragon and attempted to flee with her body. Before she escaped she was downed by Farryn’s magnificent use of her Oath Bow and Boots of Haste, but after the attempt to revive Sah’mi’nah by Ilanya and Eldelimar failed, the necrotic magics on the isle re-formed the lich dragon and she again took the body of Sah’mi’nah and fled.



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