Age of Abandonment

Also known as the Third Age, this marks the period of time following The Severance, when many of more powerful magical beings and demi-gods separated themselves from the known plane of existence.

Immediately after The Severance, there followed a period of grief and mourning which remained prominent within the kingdoms of dwarves and elves for many decades.

Elsewhere however, the sudden loss of powerful entities and races left large swathes of lands empty while other kingdoms and regions lost much of their power and defensive strength.

As such, it was not long before these became hotly contested as the lesser races of humans, orcs, goblins and gnomes began to fight bitterly for dominion over these realms. Thus followed a lengthy period of strife and war that became known as The Bitter Years.

This time of battles and contest lasted varying lengths of time in different regions, but on the continent Ereas most areas had generally reached some form of stability within a hundred year period, during which time new states and kingdoms were established, including Bardac’s Holdfast, Candania and Three Cities, while some areas remain hotly contested, such as the Splinter Territories and Pirate Isles.

Most people accept that we presently live within the Third Age, and there are some that theorise the age will only come to an end when civilisation and order are brought to all corners of the globe.

A few others argue that we are in fact living in the Fourth Age, the Age of Re-Balance or Age of Acceptance, when the world learned to survive and flourish after the Severance. These people argue that the extremely short Third Age ended at the conclusion of the Bitter Years and that civilisation has already reached its ultimate capabilities without the return of the greater powers. This is, however, a widely criticised theory, especially among the long-lived races such as the elves and dwarves.

Age of Abandonment

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