Amulet of the Soul Stealer

A mysterious amulet that grants the bearer control over one emotion – but at what cost?

GM Only Ghanda attuned

4 of 8 charges used to date

Ghanda also has the following permanent insanity; You believe your blood is finite. When wounded you fly into a rage against your aggressor, gaining a bonus to hit and damage equal to the damage they dealt you until they are dead, after which you spend an equal amount of rounds trying to scoop their blood into your wounds.

This rounded, hefty transparent gemstone is fixed into a dull, dark metal fastening. The smooth, cold, oval stone is set within dark fingers of some sort of dull silver metal in a pattern framing the gem. The amulet hangs on tarnished bronze-coloured chain that does not seem to be an original match with the amulet, but is long enough to allow the bearer to wear it around the neck.

The stone requires no attunement for the first emotion, then 12 hours for each next emotion.

As a 10-minute ritual action, the bearer can focus an emotion toward the amulet and have the same absorbed by the amulet. The effect on the bearer is similar in nature to the ‘Calm Emotions’ spell in that the bearer becomes indifferent towards the individual(s) or object(s) that they were feeling that emotion towards for a 12 hour period (after which time the effect ends).

The amulet changes colour each time it absorbs an emotion, moving from transparent to translucent and finally opaque depending on the number of charges absorbed. The colour depends upon the emotion being absorbed.

The amulet can only carry one type of emotion at a time, and the charges of emotion stack until released or expended.

As a bonus action, the bearer can expend the full number of emotive charges held within the amulet to gain the additional bonus described beneath that particular emotion. The bearer must expend the full number of charges to empty the amulet and cannot leave charges inside. The bonus lasts for the full length of turns reflected by the number of charges (one turn per charge expended) and the bearer is overcome by that emotion for an equal period, regardless of whether they wish it or not – this may have RP repercussions if the turns continue after battle.

Emotions and their effects

Red – Anger/Hate
Pink – Love/Admiration
Yellow – Fear/Terror
Orange – Joy/Happiness
Purple – Anticipation/Expectation/Hope
Green – Disgust/Envy
Blue – Sadness/Upset

Anger/Hate; for each round, the bearer goes into a rage, giving them advantage on melee strength attacks, advantage on melee saves an melee check and resistance to bludgeoning, slashing and piercing damage.


The amulet can only hold 1d10 charges of emotion (re-rolled by the DM each time a new first charge is absorbed) and once it reaches full capacity, any attempt to add an additional charge will cause the amulet to expend its full absorbed capacity in a wave of psychic power. Anyone within a 15 foot radius of the amulet must roll a DC 10 constitution save or take 1d10 psychic damage per charge expended. A successful save means only half damage.

In addition, each time a bearer uses the amulet (both to absorb and release emotions) the DM must roll a D%;

00-70 – Nothing happens
81-90 – Roll Short-Term Madness effect
91-95 – Roll Long-Term Madness effect
96-100 – Roll Indefinite Madness effectD

Amulet of the Soul Stealer

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