Draconic (Language)

The language of Draconic is written in runes.

Below are the full set of runes as adapted into script for common tongue alphabet, therefore the below sound as spoken does not necessarily correlate with the sound in the draconic language but can be used for translation of text.

So for example, Ghanda is pronounced as written (Găn’dă) but would be written Ghanda.gif

Fehu.gif A (called ‘Fehu’)

Uruz.gif B

Thurisaz.gif C

Ansuz.gif D

Raidho.gif E

Kenaz.gif F

Gebo.gif G

Wunjo.gif H

Hagalaz.gif I

Nauthiz.gif J

Isa.gif K/Q

Jera.gif L (called ‘Jera’)

Eihwaz.gif M

Perthro.gif N

Algiz.gif O

Sowilo.gif P

Tiwaz.gif R

Berkano.gif S (called ‘Beorc’)

Ehwaz.gif T

Mannaz.gif U

Laguz.gif V

Ingwaz.gif W (called ‘Ing’)

Dagaz.gif X/Y (called ‘Daeg’)

Othala.gif Z (called ‘Othel’)

Meanings and Use in Popular Culture

Often these runes have a greater meaning than just a simple letter of the alphabet, and have been sometimes been as symbols that represent particular ideal or principle.

Some scholars, particularly in Darr Anhew, insist that each rune has its own name and is representative of something unique to each rune, although many of the meanings have unfortunately been lost over time.

Some rune meanings can however are represented through traditions and ceremonies and it is often these such rune meanings that have been retained over time.

The rune ‘Ing’ often appears above the threshold of homesteads or inns and is commonly accepted to mean ‘home’ or ‘safe place’. ‘X’ is commonly seen during gift-giving celebrations and ‘Beorc’ at times of celebration such as births and weddings. ‘Jera’ is common in agriculture, especially around harvest, while ‘Daeg’ is popular among travellers.

Some runes are also linked to a particular colour of dragon scale, so for example the first and last letters are known to be called ‘Fehu’ and ‘Othel’ respectively and are both related to Gold-scaled dragons/dragonborn, although their exact meanings or connotations are unknown.

Draconic (Language)

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