In the current world, dragons are rarely seen following The Severance, although it is known that there are a number of metallic dragons living in the mountain range known as Sky Vault Realms in the kingdom of Bardac’s Holdfast.

It is generally accepted that chromatic dragons are evil and metallic dragons are good, and the uneducated commoner often believes that this is due to the genetics of the scale-colour being linked to character.

This is not entirely the case.

A dragon’s scale colour does have a tendancy to match its parents, but this is due to the amount of contact the parents normally have during a period known as the ‘Awareness Days’.

Somewhere around two-thirds of the way through the incubation period a dragon becomes aware of its surroundings and quickly learns the draconic language, or any other languages that it hears during this period.

For egg-born dragons (sometimes called shell-breakers), this is normally the period when a dragon-egg is laid and the brooding period begins, making it easy for parent dragons to know when the unborn dragonet has become aware. The unhatched dragonet’s scale colour and character traits will be defined by what it is exposed to during this period before hatching, thus an egg-born dragon will often match the alignment of the brooding beast and not necessarily its genetic parents.

However with those who are live-born, sometimes called ‘scale-born’, it is harder to mark when this period begins, but much easier for the unborn dragon to take influence from its mother (and sometimes its father) given that they spend much more time exposed to these individuals. Pregnant dragons should still be wary of spending too much time with other scale-coloured dragons during this period, in order to avoid any potential unwanted influence.

It is also widely believed that the same process is true of dragonborn, although it is understandably most common for youngsters to share their parents scale-colour because of the doting of the parents, although there are still rare exception.

Quite what sort of behaviour, experiences or interactions are held to decide the dragon or dragonborn’s scale-colour (and ultimately its alignment) are not clearly understood, with some insisting that direct communication with the dragonet is required while others stating that it is only necessary for someone to be in the presence of the egg or unborn dragon to influence it. The topic is also a fundamentally private one amongst both dragons and dragonborn, therefore not generally one to be discussed openly.


Scale Colours and there damage type:-

Metallic Dragons (Good)
Copper – Acid
Bronze – Lightning
Gold – Fire
Silver – Cold
Brass – Poison

Chromatic Dragons (Evil)
Black – Acid
Blue – Lightning
Red – Fire
White – Cold
Green – Poison


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