Empire of Vaiparis

The ancient Empire which covers the southern part of the continent of Ereas and much of the eastern continent, along with various islands and colonies elsewhere.

The founding of the Empire is unknown; it is widely accepted that it existed during the Second Age it is also possible it can be traced back even further into the First Age, although much of the histories of such time have been lost or destroyed.

The Ereas section of the Empire spans the Desert of Lost Tears and the jungle towards the west of the same. The capital Ezlia is located in the centre of the desert alongside a region of oases, and can only be accessed through the desert roads and therefore a very defensible position.

The Empire is extremely wealthy and it is not uncommon for gold and precious jewels to be adorned on every day clothing. Slavery is common in the Empire, as are magical items that allow communication and travel over great distances, thus allowing the nation to run and manage its affairs remotely. The Empire is known for loving fine foods and wines, and those who live well often live a luxurious life of silks and sumptuous dishes.

Punishment for crime is harsh, including branding the forehead to mark someone as untrustworthy, cutting off hands and feet, and capital punishment in the Arena games. The Empire has a long history of entertaining its people with Arena shows, which take place in large circular amphi-theatres and involve bloody battles between gladiators, beasts and dishonoured slaves and criminals.

However the most recent Emporer closed all the arenas recently due to a personal belief that the tradition was barbaric and inhuman; a decision that made him unpopular with the populace and has led to wide-spread boredom and unrest and a surge in crime across the nation. While the Arena’s have to a point been re-opened to allow for continuing executions and punishments as well as alternative entertainments such as theatre and music, there remains a strong political pressure on the Emporer to allow the traditional games to re-commence.

The religion in the Empire also differs from elsewhere in the world; worshippers maintain that there are five ‘true’ gods only (referred to simply as ‘ The Five’) and the religious practices, including the cutting of skin to drain blood and engaging in sexual activities with the temple staff, are a wide-spread source of misunderstanding and disgust amongst many not familiar with the traditions of the Empire.

Empire of Vaiparis

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