Enlightened Realm

Commonly known as ‘Three Cities’, the Enlightened Realm is an alliance, or perhaps confederation, acknowledged as similar in political influence and power as a kingdom such as Bardac’s Holdfast.

It is however not a kingdom or country as such (there being no King or clear individual leading authority of any kind) but more a collection of three independent states that are represented together through their unique alliance developed over time.

The alliance is managed through a complicated collection of committees and council’s that most foreigners and locals alike find indecipherable.

To those native or familiar to the area, these lands are known as the ’Enlightened Realm’, although elsewhere in the world they are referred to simply as ‘The Three Cities’.

The common name is derived from the three settlements that arose from within the Splinter Territories around the same time in the Age of Abandonment; Castellia (the Shining City), Trivana (the City of the Divine) and Vlerinor (the Secret Star).

They cities co-exist prosperously, although few travel between the three cities and each governs its owns affairs in its own manner; it is not uncommon for three state representatives to attend foreign events, and woe betide any foreign ruler who favours one city over another.

All three cities are intrinsically magical, but with noticeably different nature to the magics they posses and represent.

Enlightened Realm

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