The city of Goldshore is the capital of Bardac’s Holdfast.


Places of Note:-

1) Alchemist and Herbalist Shop
2) Tailor’s Shop
3) Blacksmith
4) Leatherworker
5) Enchanter
6) Dockmaster
7) Palace of Goldshore
8) Townhouse
9) Singing Gardens
10) Lightfoot Alley
11) High Council Chambers

Goldshore City rests on the shore of the Clearwater River, just before it meets with the Icefall and becomes the Eastbourne River. It is also positioned relatively close to the Vogr Bordir mountain range which marks the Western border of the country and is positioned within the duchy of the Turnock family.

The city is named after the leader of the Vogr Bordir dwarves’ army, Utroc Goldelver, who led his army in support of the allied duchies in forcing a retreat of the invading force from the lands north of the Eastbourne River. It was only shortly after this alliance that the Kingdom of Bardac’s Holdfast was founded, and after being built on the site of the military victory the city of Goldshore later became the country’s capital.


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