Lexicon of Arduril

The legendary journals and writings, of unknown number, written by a powerful magic user named Arduril.

The legend of Arduril, common in folklore, tells of how the Elven Mage committed his life to the study of magical lore and developed a number of new spells and techniques which were recorded within the Lexicon. Eventually he is driven insane by power and is destroyed.

Varying versions of the cautionary tale exist and most hold little faith in it reflecting any true person or events, although there are some who insist that Arduril was a real person and the Lexicon did, and may still, exist.

Little evidence exists to support such a view and those who hold it are generally viewed as eccentric or delusional.

As such the Lexicon has garnered a reputation for being an item existing only in fairy-tale and imagination. This has led to its use in common language within the phrase ‘Chasing the Lexicon’, meaning to pursue an unachievable goal or to insist on continuing with a fruitless task.

Lexicon of Arduril

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