Mallowmarsh (Swamp)


The large swampland in Bardac’s Holdfast that fills the drainage basin for where the Eastbourne River discharges into the Kyratic Ocean.

The whole marsh is dangerous to travellers, with treacherous mudflats and numerous poisonous and aggressive creatures including blood-suckers and will o’ th’ wisps.

The region does however have intelligent beings in the form of the Merkin, who guard over the swamplands themselves and help maintain the barge-routes between the mainland and the floating settlement of wooden buildings and boats also named Mallowmarsh.

The settlement can normally only be reached by barge, boat or by crossing the marshlands on foot. Attempts have been made to mark safe crossings by foot but due to the ever-changing nature of the area and the shifting of the settlement itself, these are often difficult to maintain and can themselves be treacherous.


The edge of the swamplands itself is the location of the Mallowmarsh ferry-house, the only part of the city in a fixed position as it is located on the last stretch of solid earth before the marsh begins.

Here is also the location of the renown Mallowmarsh fighting pit known simply as ‘The Pit’ and the gambling community that has developed around it.


Mallowmarsh (Swamp)

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