The Order of the Amethyst have long been scheming in the deepest shadows of the world.

Covertly they have gathered allies and resources, deploying and concealing their operatives in every major government, plotting out their cruel plans for dominance and oppression.

At last the time has come to act, to bring their vile, dark machinations into being; Deception, destruction, intrigue and ruin.

But into the pattern of their designs weaves a power they had not accounted for. From the very ashes of the Bardac Country Estate has risen a company of adventurers who look set to sabotage all their carefully laid plans.

This rabble of strangers, thrust together by co-incidence and circumstance, have already caused disruption and dismay to the vengeful Order, and their continuing meddlesome activities wreak havoc on the precarious balance of the fates manipulated by the dark sect’s works.

Will this company of adventurers survive long enough to save the continent of Eraes from the cruel ambitions and intentions of the Order of the Amethyst? Or will they too fall to ruin and despair?


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Order of the Amethyst

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