Bishop's Point


An eastern coastal city in Bardac’s Holdfast, famous for the shopping complex the Trimall which also houses the massive hanging crystal known as the Ice-Storm Crystal.

Managed by the House of Jameson, which was founded amongst sea-farers and traders and not traditional ‘nobles’. The city is known for an odd philosophy of equality and general disregard for noble hierarchy and inherited entitlement. The House leaders are not a family but a council of appointed traders who represent the various artisans and crafters in the region.

There were a number of recent difficulties encountered by the city, most notably problems with goblins taking control of their jewel-mine serves as one of the city’s main sources of trade goods and funds.

It was later discovered that the gnomic Jewelcrafters Guild had in fact arranged these attacks in the hopes to take control of the mines for themselves, while at the same time the mine-owners had already been employing poor and dangerous construction methods to save money which had led to the deaths of some of their workers.

The city was recently razed and destroyed by an adult red dragon, leaving few survivors although it was noted that members of the Jewelcrafters Guild had in fact left with the dragon and seemed to be allied with it.


Bishop's Point

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