Dragon Guard

The elite Royal Guard of Bardac’s Holdfast, recognised by displaying the insignia of the Dragon Guard.

Historically, the guard’s predominant purpose was to protect the Bardac Royal family and their holdings.

However, after being crowned Queen of the kingdom, Zinnanda Bardac ordered that all dragon-born, dragon-kin and dragons were under the full protection of the crown and any unauthorised harm or murder done to them would be prosecutable under the full force of the law.

She named her ‘Dragon-Guard’ as acting with her authority in this regard, granting them free movement through the kingdom and stating they were the only ones beside her with authority to make judgment on any dragon-kin.

The also have the power and freedom to judge and punish of any citizen who is suspected of treachery or treason against dragon-kin in direct breach of her commands.

Unfortunately, her orders were initially undermined within her court, which led to a number of convoluted messages being sent out and a continuation of the mass persecution and murder across the realm. This country-wide killing became known as the ’Traitor’s Hunt’ but ended following the foiled attempt to overthrow her and re-forming of her court, when the correct orders were swiftly distributed across the realm.

Sadly by then, many dragonborn or dragon-kin had already been killed or fled the kingdom, although a few remained in service to the Queen herself.

Dragon Guard

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