Guild of Shadows

A secretive guild whose primary objective is to maintaining stability and balance across the world and actively work against the Order of the Amethyst in the hopes to destroy the order.

While their intentions are good, their practices and methods have raised some concern and question as to their honour.

Some of the actions they have taken recently are known to include:-

  • They were aware of the impending attack on the Bardac family, however rather than seeking to save the family from the attack they simply made arrangements for the eldest son Fearghas to be elsewhere and therefore attempt to ensure the line would continue on in him
  • After Princess Turnuroth Kava was abducted, they traced her to the Empire of Vaiparis and revealed plans to have her executed in the Arena. Unable to rescue her themselves, they therefore arranged to have the current Emperor killed so that his son, a more peaceable man, would ascend to take the title of Emperor. The arenas were immediately closed when the new Emperor took power and as such, unsure what to do with the Princess, the Order put her into the care of the Temple of Desire where the Guild have monitored her since.
  • They knew agents from the Order were in the High Council, but rather than limiting the enemy’s influence they sought to gain intelligence and seek out all the culprits by allowing them the freedom to continue their machinations and plots. This included Fearghas and the upper Lords undermining the Queen’s orders by adjusting these to suit the purposes of the Order. They vastly underestimated the depth of the incursion which nearly led to war with Darr Anhew and the Queen being removed from power and executed, although this was narrowly avoided due to the actions of the adventurers.

Known agents:-

  • Fearghas Bardac, who admitted to allowing his family to be sacrificed ‘for the greater good’ and actively undermining his sister’s orders as Queen in an attempt to root out the enemy spies in her court.

Suspected agents:-

  • The dwelf bard Rosie Feltfoot claimed to be working with the Guild and to have information from them, however Captain Espen Dylan of the Raven’s Wing was heard to state that she had in fact been refused entry to the Guild because ‘they would never have someone as stupid as you’
  • In speaking for the Guild’s refusal to accept Rosie Feltfoot as a member, Captain Espen Dylan appeared to have some first-hand knowledge of the Guild, strengthened by his attempt to find favour with Ghanda whilst journeying together. However it is unclear yet whether he acted as one of their agents or was simply familiar with their existence.

Guild of Shadows

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