The Bitter Years

A period of around a hundred years that followed The Severance and marks the beginning of the Third Age, or Age of Abandonment.

Following the removal of many powerful and magical beings, wide swathes of land were left empty while other nations and places lost their existing leadership and strength. In the period immediately after The Severance a number of lesser races, including humans, orcs, goblins and gnomes attempted to take control of these areas, while other more established peoples such as the dwarves, elves and dragonborn withdrew and focussed on maintaining their borders.

Many regions were volatile and contested, with regular battles and wars waged between emerging states and existing nations. Corsairs and sea-brigands roamed the sea and hounded the coasts, interrupting sea trade and communications.

This period saw the emergence of the stable states such Bardac’s Holdfast, Three Cities and Candania, along with other relatively contested areas such as the Splinter Territories and Pirate Isles.

It is notable that the Empire of Vaiparis suffered particularly badly during this period with a shortage of food so severe that there was widespread starvation across the Empire‚Äôs continental realm, resulting in their unlikely treaty with Bardac’s Holdfast now known as Morven’s Treaty.

The Bitter Years

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