The Order of the Amethyst

A strange evil order which seems to be led (at least publically) by chromatic dragons bent on destruction and chaos.

Their exact motivations and aims are as yet unknown, but many terrible events have been traced back to their scheming and manipulations.

The Order were responsible for the deaths of the King Bernhard and Queen Leana Bardac along with many of their loyal Lords at the attack on the Bardac Country Estate, along with the failed assassination attempt on Prince Fearghas Bardac while he was on his hunting trip.

They initially did not make any attempt to kill Zinnanda and intercepted messages between spies suggest that they knew of her part-dragon heritage and had hoped to turn her to their cause. Once she was found to be allied to a silver dragon-born, she also became a target.

They also sent a red dragon to attack and raze the city of Bishop’s Point, killing hundreds, although they took the gnomic Jewelcrafters Guild members with them a-dragonback.

The Order appear to have attempted to spread strife throughout Bardac’s Holdfast by encouraging the persecution of dragon-born and dragon-kin and taking acton to overthrow the Royal family entirely through political means, perhaps in an attempt to incite war between Bardac’s Holdfast (and their allies the Empire of Vaiparis) and Darr Anhew.

It was an Order’s agent that poisoned Zinnanda in the cellars of the High Council Chambers, thus releasing her subdued dragon-abilities.

The Order were also discovered to be responsible for the adbuction of Princess Turnuroth Kava of Darr Anhew, with rumours that they had originally planned to have her executed in the Arena at Empire of Vaiparis, but these plans were foiled by the sudden death of the old emporer and closure of the arenas.

Known agents/allies of the Order include:-

  • Shi’vah’nah, the the young black dragon who led the attack on the Bardac’s Country Estate, was killed but rose as a lich dragon. She is also the dam of Sah’mi’nah.
  • The gnomic Jewelcrafters Guild of Bishop’s Point, who bought the gem horde from the travellers and later were taken from the destroyed city by the same dragon that destroyed it
  • Orpheus the Royal Mage, who was discovered to be a disguised adult black dragon and was killed by the combined forces of the adventurers and the Royal Dragon Guard and family in the Palace Courtyard.
  • Unnamed agent who was killed in the cellars of the High Council Chambers, responsible for poisoning Zinnanda and thus releasing her subdued dragon abilities.
  • Lord Cameron Turnock and his eldest son Sir Sebastian Turnock, who led the arrest of Queen Zinnanda and formally brought allegations against her in an attempt to have her removed from the Throne and beheaded for treason.
  • Lady Eliza Greythorne and her knight Sir Brutus Rex, who assisted in the arrest and attempt to overthrow Queen Zinnanda. They also were found to have abducted Master Lawrence Highgarden and threatened to kill him in order to force his twin brother’s vote in the High Council decision.

Suspected agents:-
– Sir Joeran Eastham and Sir Greyson Baird also assisted in the arrest of Queen Zinnanda and attempted removal from the Throne, however after questioning it seemed there motives were separate to those of the Order.

The Order of the Amethyst

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