The Severence

The terrible storm and tearing of the world that marked the end of the Second Age and the beginning of the Third Age, or Age of Abandonment.

It was preceded by a number of terrible encounters between powerful magical beasts and beings that desolated huge swathes of land and killed thousands of people, with many living in perpetual fear for their lives.

The Severence itself was marked with cataclysmic storms as the skies tore open in terrifying thunder. The earth shook and the seas foamed as dark portals opened across the land, dragging both willing and unwilling into their gaping hungry maws.

Over the space of a few hours, a number of powerful beings and creatures (both good and evil) disappeared and have not been seen since.

Eye witness accounts speak of dark portals that opened up to forcibly suck in their targets, often those known as extremely powerful magical beings, while leaving any number of ordinary citizens unscathed. In some places, whole races were taken, such as the Centaurs of Moonglade, while others had their identity unexpectedly revealed as they were taken, such as the Vaiparis Emporer’s son revealed to be a Rakshasa as he was banished.

Oddly, some creatures were known not to be taken, namely the few metallic dragons of Sky Vault Realms, although in this case the dragons did still take action to remove themselves from society and break off all contact with the rest of the world.

Many people at the time believed The Severence was the end of the world. Although the world did of course continue, it still marked a great upheaval in every corner of the lands that left it forever changed.

Much knowledge and history preceding The Severence was also lost, leaving it difficult to determine what is true fact, and what is merely myth and legend.

The Severence

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